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"SPIFFING" IS THE ANSWER to the question, "What is the best way to self-publish?" and if you (like so many of our current clients) have found yourself searching through pages of Google results, dissatisfied with other self-publishing companies, then it's likely that Spiffing is going to end your search. Our clients tend to be ambitious and passionate but also discerning. To fulfil these expectations, Spiffing has created a progressive and ethical publishing framework considered 'world-class' by professional and debut authors alike. Spiffing clients keep the copyright of their books, receive expert, step-by-step support and, importantly, receive both the author and publisher portion of the royalty. If that sounds like what you've been looking for, that's us.

IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING SELF-PUBLISHING, we're confident that Spiffing Publishing is the agency for you. Our team consists of seasoned pros, many of whom have transitioned from traditional publishing to leverage their expertise in the burgeoning self-publishing sector. Many authors underestimate both the difficulty of securing a traditional publishing deal and the constraints that come with one. These could include long market-entry times, loss of creative control, and limited involvement in the book's final design.
In contrast, Spiffing provides an unparalleled, personalised service thanks to our top-notch editorial team. We also place no rights restrictions on your work and give you the final say on all edits. Moreover, we efficiently bring most book projects to market within 1–3 months. Is your work best placed with Spiffing? That's your call, but you can read what our authors have to say about us here.

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WE ARE OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS across a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction genres, including but not limited to memoirs and speculative fiction. We invite you to submit your work for our editorial team's consideration, and we're excited about what you've got to share.
Once you've submitted your manuscript (or perhaps just a synopsis at this stage) via the form below, please allow a few days for our team to review it. We make it a point to respond to all enquiries. If we feel that we are a good fit for your book, you can expect to receive an email offering date and time options for an initial consultation call. For those unable to communicate via telephone, we are amenable to alternative methods that better accommodate your needs.

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