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“Very Competitive… unbelievably professional”

Allen Chambers, author of Mindways Chronicles

You have finished writing your book, now what? A revolution in the world of publishing has empowered new writers like myself who now have an enviable opportunity to self publish their work, however it needs to be polished and look the business for it to have any chance of success.

I surfed the internet and approached a couple of self publishing agencies who although appreciative of my work, failed to inspire me with confidence. I had noticed Spiffing Publishing at the same time, their brilliant website offering everything you could want but I imagined they were too expensive for my limited funds. Despite my reservations about the cost I thought no harm in asking and I’m so glad I did. Spiffing Publishing were actually very competitive, an unbelievably professional with a team of very approachable and talented people.
For me, (and no doubt many others), Spiffing Publishing have become part of my book, providing an amazing cover which has given me a totally new perspective to my work and exceptional editing delivering a ready to publish book.
The future – I have no doubt I will be returning to Spiffing Publishing for they deliver more than just a service, they inspire and for me that is priceless.

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“I can guarantee from personal experience that you will be delighted”

Ruth James, author of Neshama: The Joy of Living

Writing a book? Contact Spiffing Publishing!

As a ‘first time’ author, I was recommended to this vibrant and enthusiastic team; now it is my turn to recommend this self-publishing company to you!
Nothing is too much trouble for any member of this organization, all of whom have a different role in bringing your work to completion; they will take a personal interest in the publication of your writing. They will guide you through every step of your self-publishing experience, from the commencement of your work to the finished book and I can guarantee from personal experience that you will be delighted with your zingy cover which I have no doubt will be individual; all the guidance you require will be given with the layout and how and where to publicize and promote your work. This will take your book to a higher level!
THANKYOU Spiffing Publishing – I can’t wait until my next book is finished!

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“A cover has to stand out, and mine does – thanks to Spiffing Publishing”

P. J. King, author of Rough Ride

So you’ve written your book, toiled over every word, agonised about each sentence, and then suddenly after all that work, it’s finished and you’re done – the end of the journey. You’ve put down your pen and heaved a sigh of relief only to begin the nightmare of editing and proofreading, and worst of all – designing the cover. Where do you even start – and then you realise that writing the book was the easy part!

The old cliche that you can’t judge a book by the cover went out with the dark ages, because nowadays it’s the first thing everyone looks at and you know that this is going to be the most important choice you’ll ever make. Well I got lucky, I hit Google and up popped Spiffing Publishing.
Looking back, I think I must have been the most awful client, but the team at Spiffing Publishing were so patient, despite the fact that I was unsure about what I wanted! One of the hardest parts for the designer is gleaning the essence of the story and the personalities of the characters from a brief synopsis and transforming that notion into an image which fits the bill for the author. Spiffing Publishing have that vision and the patience to do the job.
For me, one of the unexpected delights about my finalised cover was the depth and finish of the graphic design. The clarity was outstanding and translates well whether to my business card or to the huge blown up version on my video blog. This excellence gives an edge to the finished product which screams quality, inviting further perusal of the inner contents.
Spiffing Publishing are not just about producing amazing covers either. They offer so much more – giving advice and support about publishing and formatting ebooks, not just for Amazon’s Kindle, but Smashwords and other publishing platforms, and were even able to quote me for publishing my book as a paperback.

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“If you’re looking for average… look elsewhere”

Paul Johnson, author of Flying Cats and Flip-Flops

“If you’re looking for average… look elsewhere”
Paul Johnson, author of Flying Cats and Flip-Flops
‘Flying Cats and Flip Flops’ is a unique, surreal, life changing adventure and extremely personal to me as it involves my father so I set my standards high and was after an eye popping book cover, one that stood out and really made the difference. I sifted through various companies boasting usual high standards of service, then I discovered – Spiffing Publishing.
A flick through their impressively assembled portfolio was enough to call them. A twenty minute chat later by phone with a very affable team member and the outline of my book discussed and dissected. His aim was simple. To get to the very essence of my story, a refreshing approach, a real interest shown here I thought. “Im looking for something surreal” was all I said.
A few days later I opened the Jpeg from Spiffing Publishing and………………..Wow, the exact reaction I was after. The colour, detail and overall idea epitomises everything about the story.
Six months on and I still get compliments which confirms I made an excellent choice, so to sum things up – Spiffing Publishing are professionally equipped, creatively gifted to really open your eyes.
NB. If you’re looking for average drabness then look elsewhere because Spiffing Publishing will do much more.

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“I was absolutely thrilled”

Grant Nicol, author of On A Small Island

When I originally approached Spiffing Publishing to do the cover for my book I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted it to look like. They took all my ideas onboard and managed to improve on them to produce a cover that I was absolutely thrilled with. I also used them to format the e-book conversion so that it was ready to go on sale as soon as it was returned to me along with the cover. That took all the hassle out of preparing it for sale. The attention to detail and cooperation that you will get from Spiffing Publishing is nothing less than first class. They really know their game.

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“They made the whole process simple and enjoyable”

D.J. Terry, author of Adopted

I had always considered writing a book,then once i finally got round to it i realised that there was still a lot of work to be done to get it out there.In fact it was very daunting, i emailed various companies with a limited response,then i gave Spiffing Publishing a ring,and from that first phone call up until now i can’t fault them.They really helped me through the whole process step by step,and they were always there on the phone and email when i needed some help and advice in getting my book out there , they made the whole process simple and enjoyable.There price was very competitive for the the totally professional service they provided me,and i would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Spiffing Publishing.

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“Their guarantee of satisfaction isn’t an idle claim”

Enver Carim, author of Ambiguous Embrace

My experience of Spiffing Publishing has been pleasant, professional and entirely satisfactory. They have a proven knack of conjuring from an author’s brief gripping, atmospheric cover designs. Their guarantee of satisfaction isn’t an idle claim: they do deliver the goods. That is why I have come back to them for my next book’s cover design. The Freethinker magazine has been appearing since 1881; it’s editor said last month about Ambiguous Embrace: ‘Impressed me greatly.’

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“It is a pleasure to find such a courteous and speedy service in this day and age”

Bridget Beresford, author of Home By Christmas

I wrote a novel that was rejected by publishers and agents so many times that I lost count. So I decided to self publish, but I had absolutely no idea what to do. Realising that I needed a book cover for my book, I looked on the internet. Luckily I chose Spiffing Publishing. I chose them because there was a telephone number on their web site and I was able to speak to a human being and instead of having to deal with cyber space. I found them extremely helpful and patient. They asked the right questions and very quickly came up with a fantastic cover for me which has helped make my novel…

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“Spiffing Publishing understood exactly what I wanted even if I didn’t have a clue”

Julz Gilly, author of The Journey

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would write a book! There it is, book written &what to do next?! The writing of the book poured from my heart which was the easy part. Now I had the nightmare of proofreading & designing the cover. I got lucky…my friend Laura had recently written a book & was absolutely happy with Spiffing Publishing… I looked no further. Spiffing Publishing understood exactly what I wanted even if I didn’t have a clue! The graphic design was done very professionally & with a sheer understanding of transforming the story with clarity & depth which goes way beyond any words.

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“Spiffing Publishing is a genuine example of that overused expression, a Business Partner”

S.F. Hopkins, author of The Binding

There are many service providers in the burgeoning world of small independent publishers and self-publishing, but Spiffing Publishing is far more than that—Spiffing Publishing is a genuine example of that overused expression, a Business Partner. They don’t just read the book and produce a more-or-less appropriate picture; Spiffing Publishing takes the author’s detailed synopsis, character list and scene-by-scene, chapter-by-chapter breakdown and returns a professional cover that mirrors exactly what the writer set out to achieve.

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“They listened, knew what I wanted and delivered it”

Nick Onyemem, author of Haunting Demons

The best thing I can say about Spiffing Publishing is that now I have used them, I don’t want anyone else to create my novel covers. I found Spiffing Publishing during a simple Google search. I had finished my second book and was looking for someone better than the last company I’d used who had seemingly not listened to everything I’d told them I wanted. The funny thing is that during the entire time of working with Spiffing Publishing, providing them with my concept, trading ideas and outlining expectations, I never felt the need to pick up the phone once – emails sufficed. They listened, knew what I wanted and delivered it. I guess that’s what happens when you work with professionals. And I must say the outcome was even better than I could have hoped for. They are really good at what they do, so keep an eye out for my next book because it, too will be a Spiffing Publishing effort.

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“Whatever I needed, these guys were right there”

Dr Sandra Lean, author of Innocents Betrayed

This is the first time I have used Spiffing Publishing and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to self-publish. Help, guidance, encouragement, suggestions, ideas – whatever I needed, these guys were right there. Emails and calls were answered quickly and clearly, amendments carried out promptly and accurately and most importantly of all, the final cover is phenomenal – I absolutely love it. Special thanks to Stefan who not only kept me right every step of the way, but came up with a fantastic logo as well. First class service, top class guys.

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“Spiffing Publishing have been a joy to deal with in every aspect”

Rupert Harry Miller, author of Life of a Salesman

Spiffing Publishing have been a joy to deal with in every aspect of preparing my book, ‘Life of a Salesman’ for the market place. I now have every chance of achieving my aim of raising awareness of the plight of all Haemophiliacs who are suffering from the contaminated blood scandal. Take a bow Spiffing Publishing.

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“They were intuitive, talented and a delight to work with”

Charles Owen, author of Cry Cassandra

The Spiffing Publishing team is based in a charming village close to the River Colne, south of Colchester. I quickly got the impression that they did not waste their own money and would not waste mine. I found them friendly, approachable and very professional. They were meticulous in their attention to detail, intuitive, talented, competitive in their pricing but, above all, a delight to work with.

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“Just sign up now, you won’t be disappointed”

R. Jackson-Lawrence, author of Knightfall

I first used Spiffing Publishing in February 2013. Their website instantly caught my attention, and the reviews for their services I found elsewhere on the internet were all glowing. For me, they provided a cover, internal formatting and ISBN numbers, all at a fantastic price. They were even kind enough to honour an expired discount code!

Each step of the process was painless. I had a few ideas for what I wanted on the cover, but when I got it back it was so much more than I ever could have imagined. Dealing with the design team was excellent, both by email and by phone. They listened to my ideas and criticisms (there were only 2!) and very quickly created something that still excites me every time I see it.
I have since come back to get them to design the covers for books 2 and 3 (even though book 3 is still only exists in my head), and I can’t wait to see the results. If you are considering using them, STOP!
Just sign up now, you won’t be disappointed.

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“Cannot recommend Spiffing Publishing highly enough”

S.F. Hopkins, author of Lovers In Their Fashion

On The Binding and A Just and Upright Man, they ‘got’ the message so clearly that they produced not only the cover but a short tag line that summed up the book precisely. Mandrill Press cannot recommend Spiffing Publishing highly enough.

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“Always approachable, friendly and efficient, Spiffing Publishing provide an excellent service.”

Barbara Kay, author of Over The Wall

I’m so pleased I entrusted my manuscript and cover design to Spiffing Publishing. I’m even more pleased with the outcome and can’t quite believe how great my book actually looks on the shelf.

As a new author and first time self-publisher I needed help! Other companies I’d contacted left me feeling as if I was just another number but Spiffing Publishing took a very different approach.
During my tentative initial enquiry I sensed an immediate interest in my book. I was asked to read out the synopsis, answered lots of questions and was delighted with the suggestion of a dramatic cover with strong colours.
Always approachable, friendly and efficient, Spiffing Publishing provide an excellent service. They do what they say they will do, on time and at the very competitive price agreed.
I will certainly be back! My second and third novels have been retrieved from the dusty bottom drawer and I’ve started the edits…
Well done and a big thank you to everyone at Spiffing Publishing.
***** Five Stars. I would most definitely recommend this Company.

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“I cried with joy when I saw the cover”

Helen Fuller, author of The Internet Party

I was overwhelmed by so many positive emotions that I sat and stared at my computer screen for a long time. How could anyone design a cover that good? The depth of the images and vibrancy of the tones made it seem alive.

I stumbled upon Spiffing Publishing when I was searching for a cover designer on line. I looked at the work of so many designers that I lost count, but there was always something missing. Then I came across a cover design competition site and saw that Spiffing Publishing had won several awards. I liked what I saw so I looked up their website. It seemed like a professional company and it most certainly is.

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“I was truly amazed when my cover arrived in just a few days”

S.J. Hamilton, author of Fall of a Sparrow

This was my first foray into the world of cover design. I chose spiffingcovers because I liked the name and the logo and the package of support on offer seemed well worth the cost. I was truly amazed when the first draft of my cover arrived by email in just a few days. The image was both realistic and metaphoric, immediately evoking the genre of crime fiction and raising questions in the mind of the viewer. The key works symbolically while also indicating an important aspect of the plot. The earthy colours and the attention to detail enhance the effect, particularly the pooling of blood, the single droplet nearby and the single feather falling. “WOW, what a powerful cover,” one reader has written. “I know you don’t judge a book by its cover, but this cover makes me want to read it,” writes another. “Fabulous cover,” emails a third. But the services extend beyond the cover to providing ISBNs for both e-versions and print versions and a widget. I will definitely be using spiffingcovers for my next novel.

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“Highly professional… inspiring cover design and editing”

Toby Oliver, author of Codename Nicolette

My experience with Spiffing Publishing has from the outset been highly professional, from an inspiring cover design and editing, to the efficient and helpful feedback they have provided me, as an unknown writer, the opportunity to help get my novel ‘Codename Nicolette’ published.

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