5 cover design rules

Five cover design rules.

Your book cover is going to represent your book thousands of times over with readers browsing on Amazon and Apple Books. To effectively compete for sales, you need to make it a brilliant cover.
Of the increasing number of self-publishing and author services companies, Spiffing Publishing has been referred to as ‘the most progressive in its class’. Our clients are interested in giving their books a real chance in the market and understand that in this age of visual excess, only the best cover designs are going to achieve this. Below is a summary of how we approach book cover design.

1. Commercial awareness
Our approach to cover design is highly creative, market-led and second-to-none. Our team are perfectionists who have honed their cover design skills over decades and think of cover design as much a science as an art. We combine raw creative talent with a deep understanding of the crucial role that book covers play in the marketing and selling of books.

2. Creative intelligence: 
We understand that there is often only one chance to turn a browser into a buyer; a poorly designed cover is a huge break in the sales chain. An effective cover instantly conveys the tone and content of the book in a way that taps into and improves upon current trends in book design; familiar enough to make a potential reader feel comfortable, but brilliant, original and emotionally engaging at the same time.

An effective cover instantly conveys the tone and content of the book

3. The power of type:
Harnessing the power of type in cover design is a skill that comes with experience. Knowing how to create a synergy and unity between the titling and imagery on a cover is the key to achieving visual balance and a sense of authority. Readers are attuned to this and will notice poorly treated text instantly.

4. A grabbing subtitle
A succinct subtitle is a very powerful addition to a cover; extending and contextualising the cover image. It also serves to clarify tone and content; breaking down the barriers between the book and it’s potential reader.

5. Unique composition
Our covers are created from many and various components, and are unique. Each cover is individually researched, briefed and created from scratch, in-house by a highly skilled professional designer. We don’t use templates or freelancers.

Readers are used to ‘traditional publisher’ quality covers. Spiffing Publishing brings a wealth of experience with traditional publishers to the self-publishing arena. And don’t forget that existing titles can be re-issued with new covers for fresh market appeal.

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