Print & Print on Demand (P.O.D.) Services

Print & Print on Demand (P.O.D.) Services

25 Years of printing experience

We have over 25 years’ experience in designing and printing books. This affords us access to not only the best print production teams operating in the world today, but also the keenest prices. From Print on Demand (POD) to large volume runs, we are the authority on quality and cost.

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International paperback sales with print on demand

The beauty of Print on demand is that it completely removes the necessity of creating a bulk print run. As the name suggests. if you sell one book, then one book is printed and the order fulfilled. It’s the perfect solution for new authors to test titles and experiment with marketing techniques without needing to invest in bulk printing. If you’re starting out and you just require a few copies of your book for family and friends or to start the marketing ball rolling gradually then this is the perfect, no-risk, option.

“I cried with joy when I saw the cover”

Helen Fuller, author of The Internet Party

“They were intuitive, talented and a delight to work with”

Charles Owen, author of Cry Cassandra and Fiamma

“Spiffing Publishing have been a joy to deal with in every aspect”

Rupert Harry Miller, author of Life of a Salesman

“Very Competitive… unbelievably professional”

Allen Chambers, author of Mindways Chronicles

“During each step of the creative process, they tailor their services to the individual’s requirements”

Bobby Bright, author of Outlawed

“It is a pleasure to find such a courteous and speedy service in this day and age”

Bridget Beresford, author of The Equestrian Nemesis series

“It is a pleasure to find such a courteous and speedy service in this day and age”

Bridget Beresford, author of The Equestrian Nemesis series

Print on demand or traditional print?

Print on demand gives international sales reach with zero admin. Spiffing Publishing will engage its recommended POD suppliers (KDP, IngramSpark) on your behalf, connecting your book with a fully-fledged international network of printing presses that will respond to sales as they happen. You do not need to be involved in print, distribution, returns or handling transactions. You get paid – into a bank account you specify – directly from the retail outlets that sell the book. There is zero-waste, no warehousing required and since the books are printed as close to the purchase location as possible, shipping times are low; often next-day. POD is typically the best solution for most authors; especially novelists or any author with standard specification books. Hardback POD is also becoming highly accessible; thus increasing an author’s product range.

If your book requires specialist finishes we can create bespoke print runs with a more traditional approach. Non-standard print techniques such as spot-UV, textured or recycled paper, coloured end-papers and fold-out sections are available if your book doesn’t fit the standard specifications of print on demand. You could also consider a special edition of your book to increase your visibility; the more book products you have, the more likely you are to be found. If you want to attend events; signings, book fairs etc. then of course a specialist print run could also be a great solution to make it a really special occasion.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in preparing books for print, read about our typesetting service here.

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