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The Spiffing teams have over 35 years of experience designing and printing books. This affords us access to the best print production teams operating in the world today and the keenest prices. From Print-on-demand to large-volume runs, we are the authority on quality and cost.

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“I don't use the word 'wow' very often but said it when I saw the book!”

Jeff Kamen,
Author of Among Your Secret Children

“The response to the book has been universally positive”

Sophie Kersey
Author of Unspeakable Things

Buy one, print one

The beauty of Print-on-Demand is that it completely removes the necessity of creating a bulk print run. As the name suggests, if you sell one book, then one book is printed, and the order is fulfilled. It’s the perfect format for new authors to test titles and experiment with marketing techniques without needing to invest in bulk printing. If you’re starting out and only require a few copies of your book for family and friends or to start the marketing ball rolling gradually, this is the perfect, no-risk option. If you’re a medium-weight author with a couple of titles and want a better unit cost, then a short-medium digital run could be exactly what you need.

These days, the quality of digital presses is so close to lithographic (the traditional method of book printing) that the difference is almost negligible. We can advise you on the best option based on your timescale and budget.
Experienced self-publishers will often require larger runs to meet demand, and that’s where traditional lithographic printing comes into its own. With an overall lower unit cost (cost per book), the litho-printed book is ideal for authors looking for a larger quantity of books to fulfill forecast sales figures. If you would like to know more about what is involved in preparing books for print, read about our typesetting service here.

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