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Engaging Young Minds

The diversity of production and publishing options available to authors of children’s books can be mind-boggling. But despite the many considerations to be made, such as style, format, sizing and illustrators, variety is definitely a good thing. What constitutes a great children’s book is often a very personal thing. If you were to ask 100 people what their favourite childhood book had been, you may well receive close to 100 different answers. You may just as likely receive a question in response … “which part of my childhood do you mean?”  Whether you are aiming to self-publish a picture book for small children, a colouring book for 7-10 year olds, or an epic new adventure story for teenagers, your book’s success demands that you engage with young minds and excite their expectations.

Get Tailored Support for Your Children’s Book

Over the years Spiffing Publishing has overseen the design, production and publishing of a huge array of children’s books. Our approach, to each and every project that we undertake, is not only to understand the needs of the author, but also to identify and advise on the requirements of young readers and the person buying the book on their behalf. The key to engaging with your audience is professionalism, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ attitude could end up hampering sales. Just because your audience may be young, it certainly doesn’t mean that corners can be cut. Today, the next generation are so visually, and commercially aware, they may just be one of the choosiest readerships to reach. If you choose to commission our services, our creative, production and distribution teams will take the time to understand your needs and your intended market. With us, you will personally receive the advice that you will need in order to give your book the very best chance of success.

“I cried with joy when I saw the cover”

Helen Fuller, author of The Internet Party

“They were intuitive, talented and a delight to work with”

Charles Owen, author of Cry Cassandra and Fiamma

“Spiffing Publishing have been a joy to deal with in every aspect”

Rupert Harry Miller, author of Life of a Salesman

“Very Competitive… unbelievably professional”

Allen Chambers, author of Mindways Chronicles

“During each step of the creative process, they tailor their services to the individual’s requirements”

Bobby Bright, author of Outlawed

“It is a pleasure to find such a courteous and speedy service in this day and age”

Bridget Beresford, author of The Equestrian Nemesis series

“It is a pleasure to find such a courteous and speedy service in this day and age”

Bridget Beresford, author of The Equestrian Nemesis series

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