Crafting childhood adventures

Spiffing Publishing has established a remarkable reputation in the world of children's literature, excelling in assisting authors to create and self-publish extraordinary books for young readers. Our journey in this enchanting sector has been marked by a deep commitment to quality, creativity, and understanding the unique dynamics of children's literature. We recognize that crafting a children's book is a delicate balance of appealing to young imaginations while meeting the expectations of their guardians. At Spiffing Publishing, we don't just publish books; we bring to life stories that captivate and educate, ensuring each book is a treasured addition to any young reader's collection. Join us in exploring the vibrant world of children's literature, where every page turned is an adventure embarked upon.

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Publishing books for children

Over the years Spiffing Publishing has overseen the design, production and publishing of a huge array of children’s books. Our approach, to each and every project that we undertake, is not only to understand the needs of the author, but also to identify and advise on the requirements of young readers and the person buying the book on their behalf. The key to engaging with your audience is professionalism, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ attitude could end up hampering sales.

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“I love it! Wonderful, brilliant, just how I wanted it to look.”

Peggy King
Author of Sheldon and his Adventures

Just because your audience may be young, it certainly doesn’t mean that corners can be cut. Today, the next generation are so visually, and commercially aware, they may just be one of the choosiest readerships to reach. If you choose to commission our services, our creative, production and distribution teams will take the time to understand your needs and your intended market. With us, you will personally receive the advice that you will need in order to give your book the very best chance of success.