Editing essentials

Experienced authors will already understand the need for a thorough edit before publishing their work. A good story can be turned into a masterpiece when a professional editor takes your narrative and crafts it into a technically strong piece of writing, and this is what will give you those crucial positive reviews on Amazon, supporting sales and reinforcing your author profile.

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Professional manuscript refinement

Although handing over your carefully written manuscript to an unknown editor can be challenging, most authors cannot effectively edit their own work. And while it may feel as if you’re allowing your voice to be changed or that you just don’t need it, the opposite is almost always true. Our team of highly experienced editors work with your tone and style and refine your work from a professional perspective. We have genre specialists on hand to ensure that no matter what the tone of your book, the right editor will be assigned to you. From thrillers to children’s books, sci-fi to biography, our team have the editing experience to support your creative flare.

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Charles Owen
Author of Cry Cassandra and Fiamma

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Toby Oliver
Author of Codename Nicolette

We use the ‘tracked changes’ method of presenting the edited files, allowing you to accept or reject changes as you see fit and read the manuscript in either the fully edited or original state. This allows for collaboration between author and editor, ensuring that your story is being told in the best way possible, increasing your chances of five-star reader reviews. Our authors are always very excited to receive their latest work in its fully edited state. It uncovers the true greatness of a great manuscript and prevents you from falling foul of mistakes that will later become evident and affect sales. We offer various editorial services to help you perfect your manuscript, from a light proofread to a complete ghost-writing project.


This essential service checks for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It diligently highlights typographical errors, omissions, or repetitions in your writing, ensuring clarity and consistency. Additionally, it highlights obvious breaks in the continuity of the piece, enhancing the flow and coherence of your narrative. In essence, it finds and rectifies mistakes before your book goes to print, safeguarding your work against potentially costly and embarrassing errors, and maintaining its professional integrity.


This service covers all of the above and more. It’s a sensitive service designed to retain and be faithful to the author’s ‘voice’. As well as the aforementioned proofreading checks, copyediting addresses the flow and style of your writing. Is your writing clear, concise and unambiguous? Does it always make sense? Is the text organised most logically? For example, are there any inconsistencies in your use of plot, characterisation or dialogue? Copyediting moulds your writing to make it the best it can be; it makes your book come alive.


Not everyone is equipped to be a writer, but that shouldn’t stop them from becoming novelists. Some people have a great story in them but not the time to get it written down. Others are simply unhappy with their attempts to portray the story that they can see so clearly in their mind. The ghostwriting service offers a wide range of options to allow the author complete control over their ghostwriting project. With this, you can be as involved as you wish and always retain full control over the finished manuscript.

Manuscript appraisals

Seeking professional, constructive feedback on your manuscript? Our experienced editing team, with years of expertise, offers a valuable service, providing tailored, in-depth feedback to enhance your writing skills significantly. We diligently focus on key elements such as characters, plot, themes, style, or any specific aspect you need detailed attention on, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted approach to elevate and refine your work. This service is designed to bring out the best in your manuscript.