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Our distribution package covers all of the major retail outlets and devices for eBooks, including Amazon (international stores), Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble. Print-on-demand distribution is handled in the UK via Gardners Wholesale and worldwide via Amazon KDP and IngramSpark.

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Allen Chambers
Author of Mindways Chronicles

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Mandrill Press

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Once you have written your book, had it edited, converted to the relevant eBook formats, and a beautiful cover designed and prepared for print, how will you best bring your creation to the millions of potential readers eagerly awaiting the next, newest reading sensation? Our clients approach distribution in a multitude of ways. A proportion of them choose to take 100% ownership of the process, creating individual accounts with the various retail outlets and print-on-demand facilities and manually driving traffic toward these locations. While it is true that one of the great things about self-publishing is that you can take complete control of your marketing and retail opportunities, it must also be acknowledged that it can be a protracted process, especially since understanding the technical aspects of eBook creation and uploading. The standard requirements for successful, smooth printing are professional skills.

Spiffing Publishing offers seamless preparation and distribution of your eBook and print files to all the major retailers, affording you the time to concentrate on authorship and reducing the need for time-consuming troubleshooting during the upload and distribution process. We will guide you through the process and even help you to set up your own publishing name, complete with your own unique ISBN allocation.
Call us to discuss how we can help you distribute your book quickly and easily and give you all the tools you need to begin driving traffic toward your retail pages, increasing sales and creating exponential marketing growth.

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D J Terry
Author of Adopted