How Authors Use Our Service

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Spiffing is the most trusted and progressive independent publishing agency in the UK. Our world-class, transparent and ethical model has made us the choice of 1000s of professional and debut authors. Read through this page to understand our process.

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How Authors Use Our Service


Spiffing is the most trusted and progressive independent publishing agency in the UK. Our world-class, transparent and ethical model has made us the choice of 1000s of professional and debut authors. Read through this page to understand our process.

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We Make Your Book


Seasoned authors such as Douglas Watkinson (Screenwriter of Midsomer Murders) and ambitious international debut and indie writers rely on Spiffing. We take the necessary care to craft an exceptional book from the raw materials of manuscript, concept and vision. We collaborate with and guide you through these critical creative processes. Commercial awareness starts here.

Manuscript Services

Editors at Spiffing have collaborated with 1000s of authors to build on and develop manuscripts. From fundamental developmental support, to the light but technical touch of thorough proofing, we seek to build on your unique voice, uncovering your manuscript's full potential.

Learn more about our Editing services.

Look Your Best With Pro Cover Design

A book's cover is its first impression, combining artistry and insight to captivate potential readers. Over the last 15 years our Cover Design service has crafted thousands of visually stunning covers that embody the essence of each author's story.

Explore Cover Design services.

Illustration And Page Layout

Transforming an author's words into a visual story is Spiffing Publishing's specialty. Our Illustration services add depth and dimension to storytelling, with each image acting as a gateway into the book's universe. Enhance the images already created by the reader's imagination, and make a meaningful connection to the story.

Discover our Illustration services.

Typesetting And Ebook Creation

Spiffing Publishing's Ebook Creation and Typesetting service will transform your book into a visually captivating masterpiece while ensuring an exceptional reading experience for your audience. Join other authors who have already benefited from this service and witness how it enhances the visual appeal and readability of your book.

Discover the art of Typesetting.

Sell worldwide.

Publish Worldwide

Expanding Your Horizons

Authors who have broadened their horizons with Spiffing Publishing's "Global Reach" service successfully connect their stories with readers worldwide. Make your story a global sensation, transcending boundaries and uniting audiences with your words.

Worldwide Distribution Partners

Your book can easily transcend mere geographical boundaries with Spiffing Publishing's Worldwide Distribution service. This service has already helped numerous authors ensure their books reach international readers, adeptly navigating the complexities of global markets to maximise their reach.

Learn from others' successes with Worldwide Distribution.


ISBNs And Book Data

Align your book with the many successful titles that have established their unique identity in the literary world through Spiffing Publishing's ISBN and book data services. These essential services has been key in ensuring books are easily discoverable and verifiable, setting a strong foundation for success in the competitive digital marketplace.

Discover the impact of securing an ISBN.

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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Setup

Having your voice heard on - the world's largest marketplace - is of the highest importance for all our authors. Become part of that thriving community of authors who have seamlessly transitioned their work to digital platforms, with Spiffing Publishing's KDP Setup service. This crucial step has enabled millions of writers to reach a wider audience, leveraging the power of ecommerce to enhance their book's presence.

See how KDP Setup has benefited others.

Amazon Kindle

Waterstones Shelves And Beyond

By combining the power of the latest online services, Spiffing Publishing authors have an unparalleled opportunity to expand their reach beyond just Amazon. Whether you're targeting the digital market at Barnes & Noble, or aiming for physical bookshop shelves at retailers like Waterstones or Foyle's, our service ensures your book's presence is felt across the global literary landscape.

Extended Distribution with Spiffing Publishing.

Barnes & Noble
Apple Books
Marketing for Self Publishers

Maximise Your Readership

Expanding Your Horizons

Our campaigns prove effective in raising book visibility, attracting readers, and building communities of loyal fans. Join successful authors who have chosen us to navigate the competitive world of book marketing, turning their literary dreams into reality.

Amazon Listing Optimisation

Authors have found success with Spiffing Publishing's A+ Content service on Amazon, alongside strategic SEO and Keyword Management that enhances online visibility, attracting readers in search of their next great read. This proven service boosts books' online presence, just as it has for other authors who have harnessed its power.

Learn from others' successes with optimised Amazon listings

Social Media Marketing

Spiffing Publishing's Social Media Campaigns have helped authors build vibrant communities around their books, converting casual browsers into devoted fans. Many authors have already launched successful Social Media Campaigns that connect with their audience, just as you can to foster reader engagement and loyalty.

Discover the impact of Social Media marketing techniques.

Author Website Design and Hosting

Experience the impact of Spiffing Publishing's Website Design service, a trusted choice of authors who seek to establish their online presence. Our professional website designs not only showcase your books but also provide a platform for readers to leave crucial reviews, stars, and feedback. Join the ranks of authors who have already benefited from our website designs, connecting with their audience and inviting valuable input to improve their work.

Make Your Author Website A Reader Hub

Online Campaigns To Drive Reviews

Spiffing Publishing's Marketing Campaigns go beyond promotion; they are instrumental in gathering crucial reviews, stars, and feedback for your book. Our campaigns have been a game-changer for many authors, creating opportunities for readers to share their thoughts and contribute to your book's success. Join these authors who have leveraged our marketing expertise to not only attract readers but also cultivate a loyal community of reviewers and feedback providers.

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