For starters

Spiffing Publishing has created a wide variety of deliciously designed cookbooks for some fabulously foodie authors. From the baked architectural wonders of sugarcraft caking queen, Elizabeth Solaru's, Opulencia to the internationally acclaimed My Relationship with Food by Lisa Roukin. Not to mention many incredible debut recipe and cookbooks by new chefs, bakers and kitchen experimentalists.

To support your cooking creativity, Spiffing has the experience and expertise to take your culinary concepts and turn them into a world-class cookbook.

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Your recipes and your story

What's cooking? Some authors are collating their family favourites to celebrate and record their personal food stories for future generations. Others are creating a promotional cookbook to market their catering business or restaurant. Maybe you want to inspire people to grow and cook their own produce. Perhaps you want to take your Instagram food favourites to the next level, or it could be you're the next Nigella! Whatever your reason, personal, professional or somewhere in between, we'll work with you to create a tasty tome!

“Thank you for all your hard work to make my book look truly beautiful!”

Yongja Kim
Author of Easy Guide to Korean Cooking

Unleash your culinary creativity

  • Bespoke Design: Eye-catching layouts that make your recipes truly shine.
  • Professional Editing: Ensuring clarity and consistency in your culinary instructions.
  • Expert Marketing: Strategies to place your cookbook in front of food enthusiasts and potential buyers.

Whether you're sharing family heirlooms, innovative fusion dishes, or health-conscious meals, we're here to guide you through every step – from manuscript to marketplace. Let's cook up something extraordinary together!