Promoting books with video

Promoting books with video.

The exponential increase in online video promotion has been phenomenal over the past year. The reason for this is, simply, that it works. We’re spending more time online, which means less time watching commercials on TV. The result has been that companies are adjusting their budgets to include effective online video advertising.

But when was the last time you saw an online video advert for a book? We would suspect that you probably haven’t. However, things are changing quickly, since the potential marketplace that you can reach with a video advert is huge. By simply placing your video advert on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook and then sharing links, you could start an awareness campaign for your book that could go viral. We can also embed the advert into your website and even provide you with a Nanosite video advert that you can email to your campaign on the move.

Spiffing Publishing believes in pushing self-publishing boundaries and today we have an exclusive offer that will give your book a powerful and professional advantage when it comes to sales promotion.