You are not alone

You are not alone.

What a turnaround. Did you know that, according to, self-published authors are now earning nearly half the total author revenue from genre fiction sales on Amazon?

Of course, it has taken a while to get to this point. Some years ago, a group of designers and industry experts who had worked extensively with some of the biggest names in publishing – Harper Collins, Wiley, Zondervan – noticed that the needs of the new, creatively liberated, self-publishing authors were painfully under-supported. Homemade covers were representing virtuoso writers and perfectly good prose was being made difficult to read by ‘meat grinder’ layout software.

Spiffing Publishing was created with one goal in mind – to support self-published (indie) authors with the kind of book assets that would put traditional publishers to shame. This means ‘Better than high-street’ book covers by award-winning designers, professional book typesetting, professional eBook development using the same standards employed for franchises such as Harry Potter, top-level editing, and distribution to all the major retail outlets online.

Now, we are working with authors who are changing the face of book sales daily. Take a look at these eye-opening statistics:

1. Self-published books accounted for 31% of all e-book sales in the Kindle Store in 2014.

2. 40% of all eBook revenue is going to indie authors.

3. Indie books represent 25% of books on Amazon’s e-book bestseller list. Buying trends suggest that the stigma attached to self-published books is dissipating faster than anyone could have predicted, and rightly so.

Spiffing Publishing has assisted thousands of authors to influence these figures. We are an all-service agency specialising in assisting authors who want the best chance of success. We bring big-publisher style design and support to indie authors, and we don’t take a cut of your profits. Our business model reflects exactly what self-publishers need to truly self-publish.

If you’ve got a potential best-seller on your hands, it needs to be brought to market the right way; and that’s exactly what we do at Spiffing, in fact it’s all we do.