10,000 books sold in four months

10,000 books sold in four months.

A. P. Bateman is a fabulous writer. Reviews of his work speak for themselves. However, this time last year he had two self-published titles to his name and in his words “sales were very slow, sometimes just a few a week”. He recognised that the cover designs he had initially launched with were hampering sales. So he contacted the award-winning Design Department at Spiffing Publishing. Our team set to work producing two iconic designs, and the results were confirmation that he had done the right thing in approaching us.

Relaunching his titles with the new covers caused an immediate spike in sales. Within a week he had soared to Amazon’s No.1 Bestselling Author and has since gone on to snatch numerous top-spot positions. These have included No.1 rankings in Amazon’s Paid Top 100 categories, and most recently a significant All Star Bonus for reaching the top 5% of books finished (and pages read) on Kindle. The real result, of course, is that he is now selling his books in large quantities, making his investment in professional designs a no-brainer. A. P. emailed us this week to say…

“For the past four months the books have totalled between 2000 and 3200 sales per month.”

As with virtually all of our authors, Spiffing has gone on to produce more books with A. P.– five at the last count. His is a success story that is being replicated by many others who engage with our services. As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, A. P. Bateman’s books are a fantastic read, but as he says himself, “Whilst the high read-through rate is down to the stories, the initial sales are down to the stunning cover designs”. Proof that, in such a visual age, books certainly ARE judged by their covers.

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