Winning Tenders

Winning tenders is a must for companies facing tough competition and shareholder demands for faster growth.
Few sales organisations have the required know-how, capabilities and processes in place and thus fail to win the number of tenders that they could have won.

Winning Tenders shows how companies can improve their tender win rate. Win rates can quickly be increased from the typical 3-5% range to 25% or more. And that win rate increase represents a lot of millions hitting the company top line.

For the salesperson, improved tender performance is a career charger. From having a new business result of 1 M euro, earning an average salary and average bonus, driving an average car, a few major tender wins can bring that number to 3 – 5 M. To win more tenders is thus not just in the company’s interest, but a priority for any seller wanting to up the game.

Winning Tenders provides all the best practices the authors have discovered and developed over many years of work with major corporations across the world. If you are involved in tenders, or you are a senior corporate executive wanting to increase your company’s growth rate, this is a must-read.