Trash Talk

30-40 trillion cells make up the human body When these cells are exposed to negativity or when they are fed negative thoughts, they become damaged and we become susceptible to disease, illness and emotional problems. I have called the product of these negative thoughts, Trash Talk Unchecked, Trash Talk converts into destructive beliefs that devalue your abilities and self-worth. And if that wasn’t enough, Trash Talk plays havoc with your emotional and mental wellbeing. Trash Talk is the thoughts you have which detail every reason why you can’t have or do something. It is the private inner dialogue that lists all your perceived weaknesses and lets you know why your life sucks. Trash Talk stops you finding love, makes you loathe your job and whispers lies such as; I’m just not good enough. It is the negative inner dialogue, which devalues your self-worth, your abilities and your potential. Trash Talk is also the reason more money then ever is being spent on prescription drugs for mental illness and why there are record levels of stress-related illness at work. The good news is there is a solution! You can remove Trash Talk from your life by taking a few simple steps. So, if you want to attract real love, enjoy better health, feel more confident and get more out of life – this is the book for you.