Toto & Coco

Toto Koopman, beautiful, mixed-race, bisexual Vogue cover girl in 1930s Paris and lover of the all-powerful press baron and wartime Cabinet minister Lord Beaverbrook.
Coco Chanel, brilliant couturier and parfumier, rich beyond dreams and friend of Winston Churchill, the greatest ever Briton.
Both the toast of Parisian and London high society.
World War II. One chooses to relinquish everything to be a British spy under threat of incarceration in a concentration camp; the other becomes a Nazi agent luxuriating in the Paris Ritz with her Gestapo lover. Two women, once friends, now united only in their will to survive.
Toto & Coco reveals the very best and the very worst of what can happen when the human spirit is taken to the edge.
An extraordinary true story.