The Digital Jeweller

Traditional jewellers are struggling, more so now,than ever before. The internet has opened up a nearinfinite supply of products, sending consumer spendingfar and wide.

To thrive in this fast changing world we find ourselves in today,you must now become a Digital Jeweller. It’s no longer acceptable tocontinue with the same strategies you’ve had from as little as 10 years ago.Simply put, the world has changed, and so should you.

Just some of what you will learn in this book:

How to sell online without having to spend hours managing a website

How to increase your revenue whilst also reducing your stock

How to automate your sales and lead generation

How to maximise the reach of your business with digital advertising

How to create remarkable digital interactions with your products

“The Digital Jeweller is essential reading for retail jewellerslooking to future-proof their business”

Simon Forrester – CEO, National Association of Jewellers, www.naj.co.uk

Ryan Edkins is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author, international speaker, jewellery retailer and qualified goldsmith. During the 2008 recession he built a multi million pound retail jewellery business in just 3 short years. Today he works with jewellers large and small, helping them thrive as Digital Jewellers, by following the 4 step method as described in this book.

Read this book and visit www.thedigitaljeweller.com