The Desert’s Edge

Accompanied by Warrior and the Perceiver of the Furthest Distance, Grandfather Darwin and Livingstone have spent many weeks with Hugill and Kush in their Eden Garden, recovering from their Great African Expedition. One fine morning, Grandfather decides to take Livingstone to Egypt which is, after all, in Africa and not so very far from the route back to their home in Leicester Square Underground Station, London.
Grandfather believes that time spent in the desert and an encounter with some of the ancient mysteries of Egyptian antiquity will enrich all that they have learned from Hugill about Continuity and the Cycle of Being. 
There is an added reason to make this journey: they are going in search of Grandmother Darwin’s long-lost cousin, Gertrude, a hieroglyphics expert, and archaeologist. 
What follows is a journey that takes the intrepid pair even deeper into the inner workings of Earth and into the Land of the Soul.