The Complete Easy Guide To Extending Your Home

Over 200 pages packed with useful construction information starting from the planning and design, through all the stages of an extension from foundations to roof including services etc. The book is full of useful illustrations and a must for all those who are not so familiar with building construction techniques. From the Author: There are very many books that have been written on this subject so why yet another one? I have written this book after having gained over 50 years of experience dealing with various kinds of building works, particularly small works, and thus consider that passing on some of this knowledge and experience may be of benefit to others. I write it from the point of view in undertaking thousands of designs for new houses and associated extensions. I have completed thousands of Town Planning and Building Regulation applications, and of course the construction of many such buildings, having owned a small contracting company, employing surveyors and various tradesmen. I have also aimed to provide information that other books do not or at least within the same cover, starting a project from beginning to end and written also with the DIY person and small builder in mind. The book is written having considered the standards, regulations and requirements of the day, which may of course change, so the reader should bear that in mind. It is also intended as a user guide only and so the reader may vary any of the suggested details according to their own requirements..