A failed quarterback, failed husband and failed human being, finds redemption through the music of a failed songwriter.This darkly humorous thriller is based on real events, including the ‘ Accidental ‘ deaths of twenty two UK scientists all working on US missile systems. Morgan, a drinking, smoking, womaniser, is drawn to the iconic music of the seventies – Dylan, Carole King, Neil Young, Led Zep – but when he acquires a rejected demo tape by a bluesy pianist, his friends start to meet with bizarre, ‘ Accidental ‘ deaths. It eventually dawns that HE is the target . Running to the Californian desert, picking up the inevitable girl en-route, he has no idea that he has stumbled. literally, upon the biggest conspiracy the Intelligence Services have tried to hide since The Wall came down.An imminent Nuclear Armageddon.The contrast between those who rule our lives and those who try to live by the rules, is brought into sharp focus through a collection of disparate characters, all having their own agenda. The underlying darkness of the message is almost totally masked by the nature of the ‘ Ripping Yarn.’ The reader rides a wave of action, humour, pathos, passion, violence and even enlightenment.’Easy Rider meets Dr. Strangelove ‘ – BBC Radio, sums up the narrative neatly and ‘ The Pioneering Paranoia California Thriller ‘ – Sunday Times, together with ‘ Three parts Big Sleep, Two parts Wilt – The Independent, hint at the manic undertones.’ Lake’s Timeless Masterpiece’ – Hush Hush Biz. Arts and Entertainment News’An exciting Mystery- Thriller, but with a lyrical quality, even in the midst of mayhem ‘- BBC Radio. The whole is driven by THE MUSIC’ The World’s First Interactive Book ‘ – Publishing News. The book contains a link to fourteen tracks by Bafta winning songwriter Paul Millns and these form an integral part of the narrative. The link can be used independently of the device on which the book is read so there is no problem accessing the music.The book evokes vivid visual images and along with the music, provides an almost Cinematic experience.’ I WANT TO MAKE THIS MOVIE ! ‘ – Irvin Kershner Director – Star Wars, Empire Strike Back’ A wonderful, scintillating package, in which words and music speak to the heart and mind about the importance of truth and of love and of honesty ‘ – BBC TV , The Slate/ Late ShowTHIS JUST HAS TO BE IN YOUR COLLECTION