Sixteen Not Totally Teetotal Tall Tales

The title of these stories might roll off the tongue like a well rounded claret. And the illustration might seem to suggest a similarly boozy promise. But these stories are not all about Burgundy, bubbly, brandy or beer. It is true that the characters in them might well, from time to time, find a glass of red, white, or, even rosé in their hand — but the wine, with one exception, is no more than a pleasing accessory. And those characters grasping those glasses are clear headed enough to happily wander into each other’s stories — sixteen not totally teetotal tall tales.

Incidentally, this book costs about the same as a bottle of wine, but no matter how many times you finish it, you will still have it to enjoy. They have yet to invent a bottle of wine as clever as that. Sadly.

“I must confess that I found so much to admire in Mr Rutherford’s most pleasing tales, that I am inspired to return to my little table in Chawton and once again put my pen to useful labour.” Jane Austen (If only!)

Andrew Rutherford wrote the “Labour Isn’t Working” ad – voted best poster of the 20th Century. Just one of his many awards.