Sherlock The Dog Detective

This is a story about a very small but self-important dog called Sherlock.

Sherlock had many responsibilities, like finding Brandon’s ball when it was lost, taking blind old Thelma back to her owner, and keeping Holly, Sherlock’s human, in the dark about his daily ramblings in the park when she thought he was at home, asleep. On one of his rambles he takes on a new responsibility, keeping an elderly gentleman, by the name of Watson, company while he sits talking to himself on a park bench. If only he had simply continued to sit talking to himself, for had he done so, Sherlock would not have ended up in Reading, sleeping rough, and getting sent to the pound with Brian, a Border Collie.

In this delightful tale Sherlock the Chihuahua faces many canine dilemmas, not least how to return to Holly while also looking after Brian and his hopeless human, Damion. Sit back and indulge in a thoroughly doggy escapade by Otto Vernon, himself a canine, in this novella which is designed to appeal to all age groups and particularly to people who are dotty about their four legged friends.