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Whether your story is of historical significance or personal triumph, our award-winning team is committed to transforming your memoir or biographical masterpiece into a work of art, ensuring it resonates with readers and preserves legacies. Join us in your literary journey for an experience that transcends traditional publishing.

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At Spiffing Publishing, we excel in presenting biographical works with the care and depth they deserve. Our process begins with understanding your unique narrative, whether it's chronicling a famous historical figure or capturing the essence of a personal memoir. We blend expert design, meticulous editing, and insightful brand-building to enhance your story's impact. Our transparent, collaborative approach ensures you retain full rights and royalties, fostering a true self-publishing experience. With a focus on individual care and data-driven marketing, we not only bring your story to life but also connect it with the right audience, maximising its reach and significance.

“I can guarantee from personal experience you will be delighted”

Ruth James M.B.E.
Author of biography - Neshama

“I was hugely impressed with everything.”

Penny Rome
Author of memoir - Thinking About Being Good

The interest in biographical books remains significant. In recent years the adult non-fiction genre, which includes biographies, memoirs and autobiographies, saw a significant increase in unit sales, demonstrating the genre's enduring appeal​​. Furthermore, reading trends suggest a diverse audience, with older readers spending the most time reading, potentially indicating a more appreciative audience for biographical works​​. This data underscores the importance of a thoughtful approach to publishing biographies, which is exactly what Spiffing Publishing offers.