Sarajevo Rose

Sarajevo 1995.

Millions in gold and a top-secret file are stolen from the UN. “Art” Curtis survives the ambush, but a part of him still dies in the snow that night.

Ten years later, a clue leads Curtis back to the glamorous resort of Stari Vuk, perched high up in the Bosnian mountains. In his sights – four suspects and a shadowy ‘fifth’ man.

Danger threatens at every turn as Curtis gets closer to both the truth and the gorgeous but enigmatic Svetlana.

And then an unexpected face shows up from the past….

With the death toll rising and a storm looming Curtis is pushed to the limits of physical endurance in a desperate race against time to recover the secret and save the UN’s reputation.

A vivid, compelling roller-coaster of a novel. Gripping from the first page, Sarajevo Rose is a thrilling classic-style adventure from CRS Hay. Excitement, violence and an ingenious plot… the pace never slackens.