Mirrors Of Hope

Mirrors of Hope portrays an inspirational outlook that brings together a diversity of unrelated experiences which befalls every person for no definitive reason. It presents Hope as a catalyst for inspiration and resilience throughout diverse walks of life; that in the midst of these unpleasant and unwelcomed occurrences, people have the ability and responsibility to bounce back and pursue their goals and fulfil their purpose. This book signifies the ability and willingness to allow these relentless challenges to change and shape one’s character positively; to be resilient and committed in pursuing an intended objective until it is accomplished. The book equally reveals a number of relatable and practical propositions to enhance productivity and efficiency, whether as a personal endeavour or a business project.

Peter Mokoena spent over 20 years of his professional career in the banking and corporate sectors, including Foreign Exchange Control and International Trade Centre (ITC) in South Africa, before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2002. This daring move was meant to be a temporary experiment; however, it turned out to be a priceless and life-changing lesson for him and his family. He furthered his postgraduate studies in medical science specialising in diagnostic imaging in the quest to broaden his professional career. He has practised extensively both in the National Health Service as well as private healthcare throughout the UK. Peter is a keen advocate of staying abreast of matters of social interest, amongst others, as well as to engage and contribute positively whenever possible. He upholds an obsessional drive for uncompromising principles to strive for authenticity, commitment, honesty and respect on personal or corporate engagements. These are the values which he cannot trade for anything.