Memoirs of a Mad Mammy

This book is in memory of our first-born, Jacob Henry. The date we will never forget – the date that changed us forever. We now view the world in a different light. I for sure have more empathy and understanding for others; I appreciate the little things having seen the fragility of life. I hope this book brings laughter and evokes memories for our rainbow baby, Hannah, and my hopefully-not-a-‘plonker’-any-more stepson, Dylon, in the future. That he can share this with his son, our lovely grandson baby Ezra, in the future also. I know, I’m a mad granny now too and I love it. Loads of material for the second book…

This book would appeal not only to mammies with young children in the thick of parenthood, but it would also, through its humorous content, bring escapism to all ages as it helps ignite memories of childhood and family. It does not shy away from discussing taboo subjects surrounding pregnancy and fertility issues therefore helping educate and break down barriers, but again, done in a light yet heartfelt way. Maternal health is so important, by sharing we can help, heal and support each other.