“A brilliant and brutal look at UK lad culture…It’s witty, shocking, thought-provoking and sad – Five Stars” – Tracy Fenton, Founder of The Book Club on Facebook. “A witty and stinging satire of lad culture” – TV Life magazine, Daily Star on Sunday. “A dark, funny and rewarding read – Five Stars” – John Marrs, author of The Wronged Sons, A Thousand Small Explosions and Welcome to Wherever You Are” Danny Small loves life just the way it is… It’s a cheeky Nando’s. It’s a big sesh down the gym. It’s double shots of Sambuca. It’s a scrap at closing time. It’s a few Stellas before kick off. It’s larging it in Marbella. It’s not being tied down. It’s working hard and playing harder. It’s a relentless cycle of booze, birds and banter. It’s the lad’s life. …but when everyone else is growing up and moving on, life in the fast lane gets pretty lonely. Danny’s mates are settling down. Girls are demanding commitment. His boss is onto his schemes. Even his mum’s on his case. Does the banter finally have to stop, or does a real lad just crank it up a notch?