Q: What do thousands of novelists, business leaders, academics, biographers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, psychologists, doctors, artists and children’s authors have in common?

A: They all trust Spiffing with three pillars of professional publishing:

1. The creative

Cover design. Editing. Proofreading. Typesetting. Illustration. Ebooks. Audiobooks. Websites. Printing & POD.

2. Global reach.

Worldwide distribution. KDP set up. Nielsen BookData set up. ISBNs and barcodes. Amazon Author Central set up.

3. Marketing.

Amazon A+ Content. SEO and keyword management. Social media campaigns. Loss leader promos. SpiffingBooks features.

The end. Now what?

NOW RECEIVE EXPERT GUIDANCE to move from a finished manuscript to selling internationally. Speak to the Spiffing team to be given concise, honest and transparent advice that is trusted by thousands, worldwide. Spiffing will work with you to create a bespoke solution to your self-publishing requirements and see it done on time, within budget and to a standard that leaves even traditionally published books behind.

Why Spiffing?

WE'RE SIMPLY ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL. We have a constant dialogue with professional indie publishers, which means we have access to all of their insights, strategies and approaches. First-time authors using Spiffing Publishing gain access to this gold mine of information as part of the process. And unlike with a 'typical' self-publishing company, Spiffing authors keep 100% royalties and 100% copyright of their work. What's more, Spiffing offers every conceivable professional service an author will need, all under one hat.


Justifiably trusted.

SPIFFING IS THE ONLY self-publishing company to be affiliated with Nielsen Book Data, Gardners, IngramSpark, Publisher Rocket & many other leading organisations. We're working with the creators of Midsomer Murders, A Touch of Frost, Doctor Who and many other iconic IP. We're also trusted by thousands of new entrepreneurial authors who are starting their careers in independent publishing with world-class support from Spiffing.

“Thanks Spiffing!”

GETTING TO KNOW OUR CLIENTS, their books and author brand are key factors in successful working relationships, and in creating books which sell. Aspirational authors who need guidance as they develop their craft work with Spiffing as a commercially aware creative partner who brings contemporary publishing acumen to their brilliantly crafted manuscripts. You can find out more about what our authors have to say here.

Send your submission.

As an independent publishing agency we're always taking manuscript submissions. Send your details to us and we'll come back to you with a link to discuss sensible, professional publishing options with our team. There's no fee or obligation; we're very happy to take time to understand your unique title and give you the benefit of our our deep understanding of world-class independent publishing. First-time authors are very welcome at Spiffing.

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The company’s work begins with superb and arresting design, something most authors know little about. It goes on from there to combine their expertise in marketing with constant support for their writers. You will never feel you’ve been left stranded.

Douglas Watkinson
Scriptwriter for Midsomer Murders

Lucy Lyons

Not only did they create a perfect cover, they also set up my website, distribution networks, A+ content on Amazon, and social media. If you are in any doubt about their professionalism and fantastic ethics, take a look at their portfolio and give them a ring.

Lucy Lyons
Author of "The Finding Machine"

Let us quote you.

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