Heft & Piffle

When Jack Squirrel of the upcoming Martian TV Literary Corporation offered to interview me about my new collection of writings due for release in 2020, his team sent me these clips for approval, prior to transmission. I considered them a worthy critique, so with permission, I include them here.

‘If you’re eagerly awaiting Tim Holmes’s latest collection of short stories and general observations on life, some presented as personal memoir, others as fiction, some of a serious nature, some merely trifling as the title suggests, then strap yourselves in for a few hours of sheer delight. The long and the short of it is that there’s something here for everyone, for those who claim they “don’t have time to read” to those who can happily consume a novel in a day.’

‘We’re so pleased to introduce these stories that we’ll be slotting them into our adult broadcasting schedule on Channel One asap, post the watershed hour of 9 p.m., of course.’

‘Tune in folks, turn up the dial, enjoy, and thank you for listening.’