Have Knife, Will Travel

Satya Bhattacharya is a busy surgeon. He grew up and qualified in India but has now worked as a surgeon in London for thirty years. He has over 75 scientific publications but “Have Knife, Will Travel” is his first book of poems. Growing up in one country and moving to another, and then building a career there, is a complicated journey. That is reflected in his writing. Also, he has spent much of his working life operating on people’s bellies. That has got into his poems too. Hospital design, art exhibitions, rainy days, recipes for cake, the politics of immigration and bleeding in the operating room all feature in these pages. Any profit made from this book in the UK will go to the charity trust of a hospital Satya works in, earmarked for cancer research and surgical training. Profits overseas will go to a medical charity in Mumbai run by alumni from his medical school.