Flying Cats and Flip-Flops

“If you’re looking for average… look elsewhere”

Paul Johnson, author of Flying Cats and Flip-Flops

“If you’re looking for average… look elsewhere”
Paul Johnson, author of Flying Cats and Flip-Flops
‘Flying Cats and Flip Flops’ is a unique, surreal, life changing adventure and extremely personal to me as it involves my father so I set my standards high and was after an eye popping book cover, one that stood out and really made the difference. I sifted through various companies boasting usual high standards of service, then I discovered – Spiffing Publishing.
A flick through their impressively assembled portfolio was enough to call them. A twenty minute chat later by phone with a very affable team member and the outline of my book discussed and dissected. His aim was simple. To get to the very essence of my story, a refreshing approach, a real interest shown here I thought. “Im looking for something surreal” was all I said.
A few days later I opened the Jpeg from Spiffing Publishing and………………..Wow, the exact reaction I was after. The colour, detail and overall idea epitomises everything about the story.
Six months on and I still get compliments which confirms I made an excellent choice, so to sum things up – Spiffing Publishing are professionally equipped, creatively gifted to really open your eyes.
NB. If you’re looking for average drabness then look elsewhere because Spiffing Publishing will do much more.

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