Flight Envelopes

This can probably be best described as “Aviation Anthropology”, which pulls together the authors honest and candid views on the aviation and aerospace industries as they stand today.

Following the critically acclaimed success of Steve Ford`s first book “20 West” it is only natural that this collection would evolve as a result. The impact of Covid 19 on the aviation and aerospace industries, makes the understanding of challenges past a significant part of preparing for tomorrow.

Freedom of speech is a precious commodity as is freedom of flight. It is the author’s intention not to challenge but stimulate healthy debate in some areas in order to ensure that the freedom we have is neither degraded nor lost.

It is technical in content and the reader is encouraged to seek out further information if required, as the articles were originally written for trade journals and the industry.

“Flying is a way of life that wraps itself around you and enters every pore as you fall within its envelope.”