Dog Behaviour Matters

Have you ever wondered…

…your dog is grumpy, and lashes out or why your carpet is a lovely place to wee?

…does it seem that destroying your stuff is the best fun ever?

…is your best friend becoming your worst nightmare???

This new book from Sara Whittaker, a leading Pet Behaviourist and Dog Trainer, is refreshingly honest and down to earth, offering tried and tested methods to help you UNDERSTAND THEN TACKLE your dog’s delinquent conduct. There is also a bonus training chapter dedicated to taking you step by step through the basics.

Dog Behaviour Matters is clear and concise, with a targeted contents list covering a variety of behaviour problems such as aggression, indoor toileting, excessive barking and separation anxiety. This guide overflows with easy to follow methods, ensuring behavioural problems won’t ruin the special friendship with your best buddy.