Diamond Edelweiss

A World War Two historical novel about a mother’s secret past and her daughter’s search to uncover the truth.Set in Occupied Burgundy, “Diamond Edelweiss” is about the doomed romance of Lily Lemoine, rebellious daughter of a prominent Saultmur wine grower. As Lily enters into an illicit affair with Karl Futterman, the German officer in charge of wine production, the sales of Lemoine vintages to the enemy increase, causing widespread resentment and suspicion among the local people. Ignoring the signs of escalating hostility, Lily contrives to lead a double life as Karl’s mistress. But no-one can keep a secret in Saultmur.The story is told by Lily herself through notebooks she leaves to her daughter, Vera, who, in Part III, is tasked with discovering what really happened and has to confront the after-shock of her mother’s disturbing history.