Developing Kingdom Resilience

A framework for Christians who are in it for the long haul

Ask any Christian what resilience means, and each person is likely to have a different definition. Resilience undoubtedly includes the capacity to face and overcome adversity, but buoyancy and rebounding are as much a description of resilience as toughness and strength.

This book explores how we can build resilience by establishing a framework to support our ability to come back, rise again, and return to shape after we’ve been bent and stretched. We see how resilience is a work of the ultimate opportunist – the Holy Spirit – who whenever we face challenges – sees an opening to strengthen and transform us.

We explore how to co-operate with the Spirit so we resist crumbling under pressure and become more like Jesus. And, we marvel that even when we face tests and disappointments, we continue to become more of the person God made us to be.