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CORE The Playbook

Is your business fit for the future?

What’s the core purpose of your business?

How do you organize around it?

How are you making a difference?

The businesses that will thrive in the future are the ones that meet the fast-changing expectations of today’s customers, employees and investors. From identifying your core purpose through defining a winning strategy, from aligning all your business functions to measuring your success, CORE The Playbook is the most comprehensive resource available for those who understand that businesses have to be both commercially and socially sustainable if they are to survive.

An essential reference to the entire Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) process, CORE The Playbook is the guide to creating a sustainable future for your business and for all those that rely upon it.

Neil Gaught is a consultant and award winning author. He is the conceiver of Single Organizing Idea (SOI®). His passion is working with others to help businesses accelerate progress toward a sustainable future.

‘The CORE Playbook provides a simple, direct, paint-by-numbers guide to identifying, creating, implementing and measuring the impact of a core purpose for almost any organization’
Rob Markey, Co-Founder Net Promoter System, Co-Author of The Ultimate Question 2.0

‘The SOI® toolkit is a way that businesses can embark on a journey toward mutual prosperity that is both simple and scalable. Now, more than ever, solutions that encompass the need for sustainable and ethical business are key – the SOI® is such a solution.’
Rajiv Joshi, Former MD of The B Team

‘Finally, a practical guide that not only shows you how to put purpose at the core of your business, but also provides the measurement tools to prove you’re delivering sustainable prosperity for all.’
Chip Conley, New York Times bestselling author, strategist and entrepreneur

‘An essential guide to building a 21st-century business where everyone feels great about contributing to a more meaningful and sustainable future.’
Patrick Grant, celebrity fashion designer and founder of Community Clothing

‘The SOI® uses a structured methodology that helps teams hold the core purpose central to all their actions, relationships and communications. B Corps, and any organization that is serious about being led by their purpose to do more than just seek profit, could be helped by this book.’
Katie Hill, Executive Chair, B Lab Europe

‘I truly believe that if you commit to becoming the company your colleagues, customers and community want you to be, this playbook can take you there.’
Julian Richer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author

‘If you’re a business leader anywhere in the world and are looking to align your business activity with the challenges of the moment, whether it be climate change or inequality, I recommend you read this book and discover the many valuable tools that could help you transform your business culture and practice.’
Kumi Naidoo, Formerly Secretary General, Amnesty International and Executive Director Greenpeace