City of Assassins

IN THE VIKING REALM BRAVERY IS MET WITH BATTLENora and Frederick travel five-hundred years back in time to Arres, a world before the Vikings undertaking a perilous journey through the heart of the City of Assassins to claim the assassin weapons. But dark forces and deadly creatures work against them and together they must outsmart their enemies and return to the Triangle. Defying orders from the Empire and the Republic upon their return Nora and Frederick become fugitives. Soon Viking raiders from both dynasties hunt the two outlaws as they flee across the Forbidden Areas seeking alliances from other races. But the ferocious Lord Nourusa leader of the Republic, Emperor Magnus and most heartbreakingly of all Helena – Nora’s best friend and Orkeney ally to their enemies work against them. With the map that leads to the nine worlds tattooed on her back Nora poses a great threat to her enemies as the decision she is about to make will change the world of the Vikings forever.