Purchase ISBNs

Purchasing your ISBNs means registering as a publishing house with a unique brand identity; marking you as publisher of your works so you keep 100% copyright and 100% royalties. Your author name and publishing house should be separate entities to mark you as a true independent publisher.

Spiffing is the only Self Publishing Company to be recommended by Nielsen Book Data, who are the sole supplier of ISBNs in the UK, and this page is where we directly engage you with Nielsen. We are not reselling ISBNs under our name (which many companies do without disclosing it) but getting authors future-proofed with their own publishing house.

Purchase your ISBNs with help from Spiffing:

  • 10 ISBNs ready to use for your book or ebook editions
  • We register and handle all the paperwork for your publishing brand with Nielsen Book Data
  • Free barcoding available for your printed editions

10 ISBNs: £185 +vat

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