Bread and Buttermilk

Escape into the deceptively tranquil world that is North Wales in 1922.
The rural community of Carreg-y-Bedd, accustomed to the comforting familiarity of chapel traditions and the cyclical rhythms of farming life, is stunned by a shocking, unexplained death.
In the shadows cast by World War One, three siblings, all with hidden motivations, struggle for independence: Tŵm, dependable and sensible, determined to uncover the truth about his friend’s death; Bethan, steely and practical, pursuing a husband with dogged persistence; Caron, romantic and naïve, engulfed in a passionate love affair that threatens to splinter her family.
Will they have the courage to pursue and fulfil their ambitions or will family loyalties and social pressures prevent them from following their chosen paths?