A Gathering of Vultures

South Africa is in turmoil as it undergoes transition from Apartheid to democratic rule. An improbable alliance has been formed, between a white supremacist leader and a black tribal chief.

They plan a campaign of violence, to create havoc and destabilise the rule of law in order to trigger a bloody coup d‘état that will put them in control of the country and enable them to establish independent homeland states for their respective white and black tribes.

Goron Tremayne, a successful expat businessman, returns to South Africa, to visit his parents. He discovers that his father is missing and is later found dead. It soon becomes apparent that the police are unable or unwilling to solve his father’s murder so Goron undertakes his own investigation. This puts him in a life and death struggle with an unpredictably vicious killer.

As he delves deeper into his father’s death, Goron not only uncovers the coup plot, but also discovers a secret from his past that changes his life forever.