Self Publishing Services

The end. Now what?

True self-publishing means creating a professional book designed to sell in a competitive market, while keeping 100% control over intellectual property and 100% royalties. Cover design, book layout, eBook creation, editing, proofreading and international distribution are the core of this. Spiffing Publishing will work with you to create a bespoke solution to your self-publishing requirements and see it done on time, within budget and to a standard that leaves even traditionally published books behind.

Book Cover Designers

A rule applies whether your books are romance, horror, science-fiction, thriller, comedy, equestrian, young adult, fantasy, childrens’ books, picture books, technical manuals, self-help, inspirational, psychological, cook books or any combination of the above. The book cover is key to sales success over time. The book cover is page one of any book. We have designed them all, and our clients love us for it. It’s time to get it right.

Ebook Conversion Services

Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo. If you are a self-publisher, you should have all of these companies and devices served with professional eBooks which work across all platforms. Even if you prefer paperbacks (like we do) there are millions of readers out there waiting to download your title and take it on holiday. Our service gives you manually (by humans) quality controlled .mobi and .epub files, which look as much like the beautiful paperback as the technology will allow.

Five Star Book Editing Services

When you’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can, it’s time to hand it to a professional editor or proof-reader to make it technically sound. We have edited thousands of titles, an increasing number of which go on to be picked up by commercial publishers. Our seasoned team are sensitive to your voice and style, and flexible in their working. If you know where your writing weaknesses lie, we can work with you to address them, and if you are unsure, our completely free (and no obligation) sample edit will help identify what needs to be done.

Page Layout Services

Typesetting, book design, page layout, formatting & print preparation. These are all terms used to describe the composition of printed book pages. We also have the possibility of illustration, graphs, charts, callouts, photography and more. Whether your book is a pure-text novel bound for paperback production or an avant-garde coffee table title, an effortless, inspiring reading experience is required. We are able to take your content and create a world-class design which will be suitable for the latest online Print on Demand technologies and for traditional print processes.

Print & Print on Demand (P.O.D.) Services

Regardless of whether you need a large quantity or even just a few copies of your book, every single one should be Spiffing.

Book Distribution

Distributing your book to the major international outlets is an essential step toward reaching your readership.

ISBNs and Barcodes For Self-Publishers

If you would like your book to be recognised by the international cataloguing system, we can help make it happen smoothly.

Book Launch Promotion Videos

A hugely effective way to raise awareness of your book is with an online video advert. Spiffing has now made it affordable.

Website Services for Authors & Books

Whether you require a book launch microsite or author website, an online presence is key to growing your author profile.

Audiobook Services

International demand for audiobooks is growing exponentially. Your book can go audible too. Now how does that sound?

Specialist Book Publishing

From cookbooks to coffee table books. Whatever category your specialist book falls under, make it beautiful with Spiffing.

Book Marketing Services

Whether you know what you need to self-publish successfully or not, we can tailor a package perfectly suited to your book.

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